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A Worrisome Voyage Through Inclement Weather

by Squid the Whale

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Gallows 00:58
I've been tired, out of shape and over stressed with a lump in my throat that won't cease to exist. I've shared a bed with a baroness. When you live in the gallows, it's hard not to hang your head. Being poise, I cannot comprehend because I'm egar to taste the rough sea's salt again. I've had a tough time keeping it in, so I'm letting this worrisome voyage begin.
Anchors 03:18
I've found science in the existence of my words. I've been keeping secrets safe to hide the skin that lives inside my clothes. A little less than three days, I gave myself a shot at saving Grace. She didn't believe in me...Scratch that, she never believed in anything. Hold your breath as I aim and shoot for the chest. I was always one for falling in love, but I gave up on that, I started to grow up. You help me fulfill my dreams when I need to feel high and can't fall asleep. Is this reality? Or will you take two, relax and call me in the morning? "You shouldn't be so cruel. What did I ever do to you?" I wish you would stop referencing yourself. We've all got monsters too. Deep down inside. They were sent to destroy you. The secret to keeping them in is the imagery; Familiarization in the company you keep. We've all got lovers too. Try to take mine, I fucking dare you. My secret is hidden inside me. I use manipulation to the third degree. I've bottled up un-charted maps and lands, while keeping them all in the palm of my hand. I tried to convince myself to stay, but I realized that one day, we all will wash away.
They say "rest easy" to me. Well, it's a lot more cynical than it seems. I'm nothing more than another body finding my home in misery. I've had this sour taste in my mouth since I chewed you up and spit you out. I kept you like a treasure, close to the chest. But you, on the other hand, kept me at 20,000 leagues at best. I need to find some contrast in my women, and frankly, I don't care if they give a damn. With the wave of my hand, I could change again, but being cavalier doesn't help. "What's it feel like to be alone your whole life?" Is there nothing you can do? "We're trying to help you. Trust us, she simply won't do." "You can run for cover, but there are no hills to head." I need security, the way I feel in my bed. I try to keep these demons away, day by day. "We all have them, just in different ways."
All these songs I sing are littered with your name, in vein. I washed away the very courage I had embraced to say "stay the night". I need help to curb this gripping vice on my one track mind; It's eating me alive. Out here, It's perception vs. depression. There is no reception for you to hang up on me. A cold call is hard on the heart, but I'm making this ocean my remedy. I realize this won't make much sense, but I've been saving up my change so I could move out west. I told you that I couldn't blame you, but yes I do. As a liar and a cheat, I'm sure you'll pull through. I also believe it's a liar I've been penned for compensating my morality just to pay my rent. This is just temporary, for my sanity. It could be permanent if it keeps me at ease. I tried to cut ties with tired eyes, I tried to take flight. The closer I get to where the sun sets, the further I get from you. Thank god, too. One day, I'll learn to wash you away, there's nothing else to do at sea. I'll let it comfort me, because you couldn't and that's fine. Believe me, It's not worth my legs.
Hello stranger, I'd like to introduce you to some seductive words that will bring on deja vu. Sure, the way that I speak is sweet to the taste, but tango with me and you won't be the same. Why do you always insist to say "La Vie"? I've been walking in circles, but I feel like I'm standing in place. "These days you're more hopeless than a romantic." You're dead wrong, and I won't be coming home. "Listen carefully, baby, sweetie...let me talk you through hanging yourself without using the chair for a boost." I wanna come home all alone and see you thought the consequences through, in tying your noose.
I'm sorry for speaking so soft, I thought someone else would be home by now. I couldn't tell you my thoughts the way I wanted to. By the way I've been writing these lines since I figured my shit out and followed you home. Isn't that what you wanted when you tried everything you could to skip town on love? If I had one last chance to take you back, I'd turn your heart into grains of sand. I mean, I meant it before, but now what are you still here for? I don't need you anymore. I've got nothing left to lose, so now I'm testing you. I told you I wouldn't sing you this song, but everybody burns bridges after all, and you're one to talk. You love singing the blues because they're all over you. This wouldn't be so bad if he were half the man I was trying to pretend he is.
"You can run, hide and beg for mercy, it's the only way to save your lady. The sharks are swimming in tanks while you're walking the plank. It could take all night, but you've got to find the lamp light. Do everything you can, it's in the palm of your hand." This is me welcoming you to the deep blue sea, a place where the tired meet in attempts to rest their bodies. We'll be fine if we can relax and close our eyes and let the water we love find a home inside our lungs. "NO NO NO! This is so typical. You bare youself to the bone to ensure yourself you'll catch a cold." Just keep swimming your way to your watery grave where your lack of faith will have you fucked beyond belief. You have to warn them. He said "I'm not who I said I am". This is your destiny, you must keep everyone living. What goes through your mind when you know you're going to die? Especially when the same things that provoke death also keep you alive. I just need a place where I can get some sleep. When I look to my dreams for peace, I see awful things.
Captain, I think we're going to drown. "Don't worry soldier, I won't let you go down. The anchor keeps us as if we were locked at the waist. There is no way this storm will wash us away." At that point, I remembered how we kept cool while lighting up smokes. We kept in common, because I was never one for changing dirty clothes. I took a risk to meet her at the lips, not a kiss, but a place to exchange short breaths. At my worst times I could always turn to a good friend who'd say "You need to find a dame who's actions and words speak the same". All alone again, I've secured myself a life long live with a convy of comrades who don't exist. It's a funny thing, you know, talking to yourself. It makes you realize the things in life that you truly miss. I've bottled up un-charted maps and lands and kept them all in the palm of my hand. I tried to convince myself to stay, but I realized that one day, we all will wash away.


released June 26, 2010


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Squid the Whale Michigan

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